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Dinertown Detective Agency

The search is on for WhoDunIt in Dinertown!

Something’s not right in DinerTown™! Help Bernie the Bookworm become a real detective as you hunt down clues for big cases like “Who stuck their finger in all the jelly donuts?” and “Who keeps calling my house and asking for Mildred?” While you are tackling those big cases you might just come across a real mystery that
affects everyone in DinerTown. Use the items you nd in the crime scenes to narrow
your list of suspects and ID the culprit as you search out the fun in this lighthearted spoof on traditional Hidden Object games.

DinerTown Detective Agency™ takes the Hidden Object genre to the next level by building on traditional hunt and seek gameplay. The game offers a series of entertaining logic puzzles that allow the player to act as a real detective and use
the objects they nd to solve the mysteries for themselves.

How to Play

The object of the game is to go beyond nding objects in a scene and actually use the items you nd to ID the right suspects and solve the case! Start by searching each scene for clues using the naked eye and the forensic tools provided as part of your detective kit. Then narrow down the suspects by playing one of a series of mini-games that are unique to each case. Finally you will ID the culprit by solving a puzzle based on the clues you found to gure out whodunit and move on to
the next big case!

Tips & Tricks

• Use the forensics tools from your detective kit to help you find hidden evidence
• In the assembly search screens, once you complete an object you can then use that object to uncover additional clues and items in the same screen
• Make sure you listen to all of Bernie’s theories when trying to ID the culprit for each case

Have a laugh as you pound the pavement of DinerTown™ to solve a series of mysteries in this fun spoof on traditional Hidden Object games.

• A spin-off of the highly-successful Diner Dash® brand
• 20 new DinerTown locations to explore as you search for clues
• 25 unique cases to solve, with multiple puzzles
• 4 unique mini-games that actually assist you in solving the mysteries
• Interact with your favorite DinerToon characters, and meet some new ones, as you investigate the mysteries—you never know who might be a suspect!

Coming in June from PlayFirst!

Check back here for our upcoming Walkthrough & Screenshots!

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