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Nightshift Legacy The Jaquar's Eye

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A historical hidden object adventure game featuring the two heroes from The Nightshift Code, Mike and Isabel. The game has you traveling from the jungles of Guatemala to the streets of Moscow, from present day back to the history of the Spanish Civil War while hunting for stolen artifacts across multiple continents. Can you find mysterious Jaguar's Eye before it's too late?

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Casamir said...

In Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar’s Eye you are once again on a mission with Mike and Isabel.
Traveling from the present back in history to the Spanish Civil War, Russia ,the jungles of Guatemala and across several continents in search of the stolen artifacts. It is your mission to find the Jaguar’s Eye after Mike and Isabel discover the Jaguar’s Eye Codex while searching the jungle for artifacts. The Jaguar’s Eye Codex will supposedly bring unrivalled power to the person who owns it.

Through all their adventures it is discovered that Isabel’s past and the Jaguar’s Eye are connected as are some of her relatives and part of your mission is to uncover the connection.

On your adventure to recover the stolen artifacts you are introduced to the famous artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and their artwork among other famous persons of history.

There are new types of mini games like instead of the standard jigsaw puzzles found with most HOGs they have made it so that the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle overlap each other so not only do you have to place the pieces in their proper places you have to also figure out how they were layered in the puzzle. I really enjoyed this puzzle. The other mini-games are just as unusual, making them more difficult but definitely more fun to play.

The graphics are terrific but what really held my attention was the attention paid to the story line which is filled with mystery and intrigue and really a very good story.

With HOGs being my favorite genre of game, I have played many and sometimes they are all kind of the same. Nightshift Legacy: The Jaguar’s Eye is my now all time favorite. I was challenged and was sad when the game was finished.