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Mysteryville 2

After solving the cat caper of Mysteryville it's time for Laura, ace reporter, to get some well deserved rest. Little does she know she's about to stumble upon a mystery even more brain-bending than the last! Join Laura on her search for answers through the shops of Eurekaberg where cleverly hidden items are waiting to be found!
  • Intriguing storyline
  • Unique seek-and-find adventures
  • Gorgeous full-screen graphics

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1 comment:

ljot said...

Mysteryville is a cute game. The story line is midly entertaining.
The goal is to solve the mystery as to why all of the cats have gone missing in a small town. However having to turn each page in a rather lengthy dialogue is quite annoying. Fortunately there is a skip button should you want to play the game again.
The lack of mini games and the re-use of many of the objects makes this a good game for the young or those that are new to the genre.
If you are looking for a game with the degree of difficulty similar to The Hidden Expedition Series, Mystery Case Files or if you are a dog person this is not a game for you.