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Dream Day Honeymoon

Help just-married Jenny and Robert as they search for the perfect souvenir to bring home from their honeymoon! While you scope out tropical locations, score the couple the opportunity to fly home in style by playing mini-games and unlocking the secret "First Class" level. You can even pick how the couple's romantic adventure takes an exciting turn! Beware - a honeymoon crisis could turn everything into a disaster.
  • 30 beautiful and challenging levels
  • Unlockable bonus level
  • Fun mini games
  • Lists of items are randomly selected so you never see the same list twice

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1 comment:

Casamir said...

A nice sequel to Dream Day Wedding...I think the objects are well hidden and the game is challenging. The fact that you can create your own story line and change them as you replay the game is interesting. The graphics are beautiful.