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Avenue Flo
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Hidden Relics

The Professor calls upon her star student Adrianna to help her with some antiques but they get stolen from right under Adrianna! Help Adrianna recover the stolen articles throughout Europe, all while evading the evil thief. Along the way, earn gadgets from Mr. Gadget by solving fun puzzles. Use the gadgets to uncover valuable, secret artifacts. The search is on!
  • 9 unique mini-games
  • Hours of hidden object fun
  • 40 secret hidden items

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Featured Review
by Casamir

"This game puts a slightly different spin on the HOG concept.The goal is to "fly" all over Europe looking for these hidden relics. In each scene's location there is a gas can that must be found in order to keep the plane fueled and flying.The game has a good storyline which flows with the game. I really liked the "unlock the gadgets" mini games where you have to complete a game that is multi leveled in order to obtain a gadget to assist you in your search for the relics. The number of these games increases as you strive to unlock another gadget.There is a very interesting book that will explain what each of the relics found in that scene are. The storyline and the graphics are great. This was a semi difficult game. The hardest part was the mini games which you need to play as some of the gadgets are the only way to find some of the "special" hidden objects. This one took me some time to finish but overall I liked the game."

October 1, 2008 12:15 PM

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