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Hawaiian Explorer Pearl Harbor

Be part of an extreme search and find team working for an eccentric multi-millionaire who has a passion for traveling and world treasures. Scour wonderfully detailed caves, beaches, shops, and shipwrecks for items. It's up to you to track down one of the worlds greatest treasures thought to be all but lost - until now!
  • More than 50 objects placed within each level
  • 15 missions and 4 bonus games
  • Hidden "bonus time" canisters

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Featured Review
by Casamir

"Pearl Harbor is a really fantastic game. It has amazingly beautiful photo realistic images, art and backgrounds. The music is very soothing and makes you think of a tropical paradise The game is based on military missions in which you have to locate all the objects on your list in order to accomplish your mission. There is always one object that needs to be found that is a crucial part of the mission and is important to the ongoing storyline. Most scenes are underwater and likely you are searching a shipwreck to locate the hidden objects. There is a mini game at the end of each mission. Clicking on a wrong object results in a time deduction.Some of the underwater scenes are a bit dark. I loved this game and have to say that it is the most difficult and challenging hidden object games I have played."

October 1, 2008 12:39 PM

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