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Avenue Flo
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Mortimer Beckett And The Secrets Of Spooky Manor

After receiving a letter from his Uncle Jerome about a strange device, a missing starter unit, and an unidentified foe, Mortimer sets off on a seek-and-find adventure in his Uncle's strange home. Hunt the halls of Spooky Manor for broken objects, return the items to their rightful places, and solve a series of brain-bending puzzles to get to the bottom of this eerie mystery. Only those with a keen eye for detail will discover the answers hidden in Spooky Manor.
  • 30 rooms to explore
  • Tons of items to find
  • Gorgeous graphics and immersive storyline

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1 comment:

Casamir said...

I thought this game was a stroke of genius. It's a hidden object with a twist. In this game you find peices of the object ad then you have to find out where that peice goes in the rooms of that level. The story is cute and the graphichs are great. A must buy.